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Our Staff


Ruth Shea

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Ruth is an award winning mixologist with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She is published in Bartender and Cheers magazines.  She joined the Zina’s family during the planning stages and brings excitement to your table with her unique cocktails inspired by fresh, local ingredients and seasonal flavors.  Ruth welcomes every guest to Zina’s as if they are a guest in her own home.  She loves seeing guests smile when they take that first sip of one of her cocktails.  Not sure what you’re in the mood for?  Step up to the bar and ask Ruth to “make me something special”.  You won’t be disappointed! 

Executive Chef

Eric O'Brien


Dessert Chef

Margaret Mangiafico

Tony Mangiafico


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Margaret is a self taught pastry chef.  All of her desserts are made from scratch.  From gelatos, cream pies, cheesecakes, to tiramisu, she makes them with love.  Customers will come to the restaurant just for her desserts.  Her Christmas cookies are better than most bakeries and highly sought after by customers.  When you visit, make sure you save some room for dessert or ask to take dessert home.

This is Tony's 5th career change.  Air Traffic Control, Lawn Service, IT programmer/project manager, Grocery Broker and now a restaurant owner.  He's often asked why did he open a restaurant and he tells them "it's my really bad retirement plan".  Needless to say, opening in the middle of a pandemic was challenging, but the people of Marlborough have been incredibly supportive.  If not for them, we would have never opened or continued to stay open.  Thank You ALL

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